Repair-shop-software-(Service Project)


Repair shop software (Service Project)

service and repair project

How to generate a repair shop invoice in software? How to track serial numbers of spare parts in the repair shop? How to time track repairing in a service project?

By servicing we usually consider performing a routine maintenance or repair work on a vehicle, or machine.

There is a high number of service companies – for computers, washing machines, drying machines, cars, dishwashers, stoves etc.

I know that the service workmen usually give ‘I charge for my work, not for my knowledge.’ as an answer to ‘So, what was the problem?’, because as the old saying goes: the craft is stolen, not learned. But does not mean they don’t have to track their components, parts, raw materials, their labor (working hours on site) etc.

ERPAG, as an ERP and MRP software, also supports service projects from which you can directly invoice the customer for the service (repairment) or service and a replaced spare part that left your stock as well.

Let’s say you are maintaining and servicing the dishwasher machines that your clients buy from you. Each product in your repair shop can be tracked by a serial number, so you can easily look it up in the software to whom did you sell it, and from who did you get it.
You need to have opened services in the list of products and services. The list is conjoined, it consists of all the services, products, spare parts.



Opened services must be linked to corresponding work operations which will be with invoice details (since you will be issuing your repair shop invoice for your services).

work operation

Our first case scenario will be Karen. A soccer mom of two. Too busy with visiting hair salons and talking to managers. Doesn’t have the time for the dishes so the dishwasher is essential in her household. She needs a dishwasher part to be replaced. 

First thing first, you need to create a service project, enter all product information and damage description. 

Then create a standard work order.

repair shop work order

Enter the work operation and input item(s). The work operation can be assigned to an employee. The replaced part will be invoiced as well, along with the service.

repair shop work order

The entered service project will be planned. From here you can immediately generate a sales order, but if you think that replacing the part will take more than an hour, I’d advise you to generate a sales order only after the work operation (replacing the part) is done.

Launch the work order. Start the stopwatch on your ERPAG app (, when you get to the job site. Pause it when you take a small break and drink up that store-bought orange juice. Resume the work operation on your mobile phone when you are ready. Load the replaced part in the work order so it’s deducted from your stock. Complete the time track of the work operation and it will automatically be input in the ‘Realized’ time in the work order. Complete the work order in order to issue the sales order.

repair shop time track

Generate the sales order from the service project in order to invoice it, so you can charge your customer for your hard work, and pat yourself on your shoulder for doing a great job, because surely your boss won’t. 

repair shop invoice

Our second scenario is Ellen. A mother, a housewife, CEO and founder of a small business company for recycling and waste reducing. In her more than a busy life, she always finds the time to call Bill for her dishwasher maintenance every six months. 

Bill checks all the parts and cleans them from scale and detergent residue. It doesn’t take him more than 75 minutes to take out, clean and put back every important part and screw of the dishwasher.

This time the work order in the service project contains just the work operation.

repair shop service project

After completing all the maintenance work, generate the sales order from the service project. Charge Ellen for your dirty hands and hope it will wash off.

repair shop invoice

In conclusion, as you can see from both case scenarios, whether you are just servicing and charging for your hard labor, or you are replacing parts and invoicing them as well – ERPAG covers your business flow with the ability to generate sales order before or after you complete the work order, and track your installed parts.

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